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September 8, 2006

Membership Drive under way!

It is that time of year again. If you joined the Parent Corps last year, then you should have or will be receiving soon in the mail a contact verification form. The purpose of the form is to not only obtain any changes in your address, but also to know what teacher your child has this year. I have also included extra Parent Corps and Kid Corps forms with this letter, so that if a spouse/other parent or any of your other children have not joined yet. My HOPE is that your ENTIRE family will join Parent/Kid Corps. For those who have not joined yet, you can help your child win Popcorn Party for his/her classroom. The deal is the classroom in each grade level with the most Parent/Kid Corps memberships wins a party! It is that easy. Each child will receive a Parent Corps brochure and Kid Corps form sent home in his/her red folder. If any of your family are not members, simply fill out the appropriate forms and send back in the red folder. IF you are already a member, there is no need to refill out a form. I look forward to LOTS more members and VOLUNTEERS!

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10 Tips for talking with kids about tough issues

Raising a child is probably the most gratifying job any of us will ever have -- and one of the toughest. In large part, that's because times have changed. We live in an increasingly complex world that challenges us everyday with a wide range of disturbing issues that are difficult for children to understand and for adults to explain.

Some parents and caregivers may question the appropriateness of talking about such sensitive topics with young children. Maybe you're one of them. But consider this: our kids are already hearing about these issues from TV, movies, magazines and school friends. If we don't talk with them early and often -- and answer their questions -- they'll get their facts from someone else. And we'll have missed an important opportunity to offer our children information that's not only accurate, but also in sync with our own personal values and moral principles.

Make sense? We think so. So let's get started.

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WES Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 6

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August 21, 2006

Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to another great School year! I hope everyone had a great summer vacation. I did although it was very busy. I attended the Parent Corps Conference in Washington, DC and was able to visit Capital Hill in my off hours. I received tons of information, which I hope to use in the upcoming year. I have completed my goals and objectives and my action plan. The first event coming up will be open houses at the school. If you are a current member, I hope you are happy with the job I am doing. I will be sending out an address update to keep my files current. If you have not yet joined, please take this time to download the membership form, complete and mail back to me. Remember membership is FREE and the information you will receive is invaluable!

Parent Corp membership form

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June 1, 2006

Kick Butts Clean Up Day!

What a great day we had cleaning up our baseball fields on May 18th! Not only did Parent and Kid Corps members participate, but Melissa Craig, after-school coordinator, arranged to have the after-school children participate as well. We had 30 children and seven adults helping to clean up litter and tobacco trash. Within 30 minutes, we were able to pick up a pretzel jar full of butts and one "skoal" can. We got great publicity as there was article published in the Monroe Enquirer Journal and in The County Edge. Kim Bayas, tobacco prevention specialist with Union County Public Schools, was present and helped to educate the children about the dangers of secondhand smoke and tobacco use. The day was planned to draw attention to our "tobacco free schools." For more information on issues discussed, download the following file:Download file

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WES Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 5

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April 11, 2006

Join us for an Internet Safety Seminar on Friday, April 21st!

The WES Parent Corps will be sponsoring an internet safety seminar. Phillip Reynolds, special counsel to the attorney general, will be presenting information on keeping our children safe from sexual predators. In addition, we will be speaking about contract for internet usage. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, child care will be provided for the event, as the topic is not appropriate for children.

Where: Waxhaw Elementary School Gymnasium
When: Friday, April 21, 2006
Time: 6:30 PM (it will last one hour)

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WES Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 4

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March 30, 2006

WES Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3

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Need More Information?

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